Testimonials About the World Job Bank

Click the video below to hear fellow NAPR member, Jim Stone of The Medicus Firm, whose use of the World Job Bank has resulted in an extraordinarily productive experience. As you will hear, the firm has made 29 placements in just 31 months! Listen and enjoy.


So what do you get from being a member of the World Job Bank?
  • Access over 30,500 registered candidates.
  • Over 170 new candidate registrations a month.
  • Receive a weekly e-mail with newly registered candidates’ information.
  • No additional charge for posting jobs for Advance Practice Clinicians (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse-midwives, etc.).
  • Free job bulk upload.
  • No additional charges (unlike other sites) for using your credit card.

If you are already a member with the World Job Bank, please log in here!

"The NAPR World Job Bank is an invaluable resource to our firm!  We’ve used the WJB since its inception.  At least twenty to thirty percent of our yearly placements are a result of this great sourcing tool.   With its low cost of use, the return on investment is incredible!"
- Jane Born, CEO
Born & Bicknell, Inc.

"NAPR services, and in particular the World Job Bank, have been an integral part of Alpha Medical Groups marketing strategy since 2002. The investment in the Job Bank continues to produce dividends for us. Our recruiters enjoy the consistent and numerous leads of quality  physicians. The efforts of NAPR to change, enhance, and keep the website up to date are appreciated."
- Scott Powell, Chief Executive Officer

Alpha Medical Group

"I have consistently utilized the WJB for one of my sourcing options.  It's a great option to find candidates that aren't always on other job boards.  With just one placement the WJB pays for itself many times over.  Thanks NAPR for providing another avenue to make our jobs easier."
- Nahry Minars, CEO/Recruiting Manager
ProMedical Staffing

"I consistently have candidates who respond to my jobs posted on the NAPR World Job Bank.  These candidates turn into interviews and placements."
- Brenda E. Lewis, President
B.E.L. & Associates, Inc.

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The World Job Bank is exclusively available to current Active Members of NAPR. 
To hopefully share a similar experience to the above members, and have access to over 30,000 candidates, please contact headquarters at 407-774-7880 or email NAPR at [email protected].