Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) Designation

Ethical recruitment of healthcare providers is vital for safeguarding patient safety, maintaining professional standards, complying with laws and regulations, fostering a positive work environment, and ensuring the well-being of both patients and the healthcare workforce. Obtaining NAPR's Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) designation demonstrates to employers and clients that you have met NAPR's high ethical standards and are committed to ethical recruiting practices.  

Certification Requirements

Applicants seeking the Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) designation must

  • Maintain current NAPR membership
  • Agree to abide by the NAPR Ten Commandments and the NAPR Code of Ethics
  • Have at least one year of healthcare recruitment experience or complete the NAPR Recruiter 101 webinar series 
  • Provide a reference letter from a client affirming ethical recruitment practices, 
  • Share a 100-word statement on why it is important to you to obtain the Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) Designation, and 
  • Pay a $99 certification fee.

Personal statements will be reviewed by the NAPR Ethics Committee, which will make a recommendation regarding the disposition of the application  to be considered by the NAPR Board of Directors. 

Recertification is required annually on or before January 1,

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Recertification Requirements

To maintain the Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) designation, applicants must