Identify an Immigration Attorney

Identify an Immigration Attorney

How to Identify an Immigration Attorney:

  1. Attorneys in some states are certified as immigration specialists.
  2. Ask your Program Director, fellow trainees and colleagues who have used an immigration attorney for a referral.
  3. If your training program has in-house counsel, that attorney may be able to recommend an immigration attorney.
  4. Call the state’s Bar Association and ask for the names of several attorneys who specialize in immigration. Sometimes attorneys offer a free consultation when their name was referred by the Bar Association.
  5. Obtain several names so that you may get a feel for personality, level of experience, etc.
  6. Additional resources:

American Immigration Law Foundation
Suite 200 
1331 G Street Northwest 
Washington, DC 20005

American Immigration Lawyers Association
Suite 300 
1331 G Street, Northwest
Washington, DC 20005-3142

Verify the Attorney’s Credentials:

Martindale Hubbell provides a free online legal directory to research an attorney’s credentials and area of expertise. Attorneys are anonymously rated by other attorneys and judges for topics such as expertise and ethics.

What to Ask an Immigration Attorney:

  1. Ask about his or her education.
  2. Ask what percentage of his or her practice is devoted to immigration matters such as yours.
  3. Ask if he or she is aware of the latest immigration laws.
  4. Ask if the attorney will personally be handling the process for you, if not, who will be?
  5. Ask how accessible he or she will be if you have concerns or questions.
  6. Ask how the process works and how long it will take.
  7. Ask what the fee will be.
  8. Ask if there could there be additional costs and if so, what for?
  9. Ask his or her success rate with previous cases.
  10. Ask what he or she feels your chances for obtaining a visa waiver will be.
  11. Ask what the attorney expects from you
  12. Ask for references who are former clients with immigration issues similar to yours.

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